Techniques and Terms

The handball must be thrown using one hand.  To gain more speed on the throw you can run and then throw, however you cannot take more than 3 steps.

Jump Shot – The attacking player runs forward in a 1, 2, 3 step move and throws at the goal.

Hip Shot – Thrown from the side.

Dribble – Move the ball by bouncing it on the floor.

Penalty Throw – 7 metre shot at goal with only the goalkeeper to beat.  It is awarded for a serious offence or because the defence illegally defend a goal scoring opportunity.   It is also called a “7 metre throw”.

Pivot – Attacking player who plays around the opponent’s goal area.  Also called a “line player”.

First Wave – This is a breakaway attack made when opponent’s defenders are not in position.

Second Wave – Is where more team mates join an attack.

Third Wave – Is a standard attacking move.

Throw-Off – Throw from the centre line, which restarts play at the start of each half or after each goal.

Handball is a physical sport and players are allowed the block their opponents whether they have the ball or not as long as they do not use their hands, arms and legs to do so.

Players can control the ball with any part of the body above the knee.

Players are only allowed to stand still with the ball for 3 seconds.

Opponents are not allowed to grab or punch the ball out of another player’s hands.

Passive play or time wasting is called when a team haven’t had a shot or created a chance.  The referee can give the ball to the other side.


1 goal = 1 point.  Simple!




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